Faccini: story of a family and its idea of cooking

It is 1932.

The world is in a period of quiet between two storms like the first and second world wars. Italy is still a simple but alive country, beautiful in its own way, not yet brutalized by the ideological tendencies that it will know a few years later.
It is at this time that the history of the Faccini restaurant begins. Giacomo and Rosa buy the restaurant in Castell’Arquato on 10 October, on the road that connects the medieval village to Piacenza.

They run the restaurant with their young sons, Francesco, Silvio and Mafalda. The imprint is obviously not yet the one we know today. It is something like a shop where the products obtained from the agricultural activities that the family itself carries on are sold.
It is possible, however, then to eat these products in the room, on wooden planks: the meats wrapped in food paper are accompanied by the wine produced by the family and served in the ceramic bowl very popular in the area.

The war years pass, Italy is transformed. The restaurant also changes with it.
In particular, everything changes when Francesco marries Albertina, a young girl who works as a cook in Castell’Arquato at the prestigious Albergo Ristorante San Carlo.

The restaurant is renovated: there is space to create a kitchen where Albertina skillfully prepares Lasagne, Pisarei, Anolini, Tortelli, Faraona alla creta, boiled and roasted meats as well as delicious desserts such as the Zuppa Inglese.

Slowly, the fame of the Faccini cuisine spreads in the province and beyond and many couples choose the restaurant to celebrate their wedding.
Thus comes fame and also good reviews, as in the case of the renowned Michelin guide, realize the genuineness and goodness of the Faccini cuisine.
Barbara, Paola and Massimo, the sons of Albertina and Francesco, grow up breathing this air and it is natural that the passion of the parents rubbed off on them. They work in the restaurant and at the same time carry out studies related to the world of wine and catering that bring new ideas and skills and at the right time take control of the business.

Today, Paola’s son – Alessandro – joined the staff, after completing his university studies and gave space to his passion for wine by becoming Sommelier.
At the root of all this family history, however, for more than 85 years, there has always been only one fundamental rule: the desire to put only verified quality products in the customer’s dish, whose origin is known and of which growth and aging are also taken care of, so that every meal taken at the Ristorante da Faccini is a unique and unrepeatable tale, like the story of this family.

Oh, I forgot … the shop is still open and working, uninterruptedly since 10 October 1932 when grandfather Giacomo raised the shutter for the first time.





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