The Proposals of the Da Faccini Restaurant


Traditional cured meats seasoned in our underground cellars

( Coppa, Salame, Pancettone and Culatta )

accompanied with the “Burtleina”, a typical local pancake made with water, flour and salt, fried in seed oil.


PDO Culatello di Zibello aged over 24 months


Homemade raw ham from heavy pigs aged 40 months

€  15

PDO Parma ham aged 24 months

€  12


It is a typical product of Piacenza and Parma. It resembles the Culatello di Zibello except that it is not a sausage: on one side it presents its natural rind, while on the other there is the suet.

€   14

Zucchini Flan

with goat cheese fondue and black truffle

€   12

Handmade spring vegetable giardiniera

Side dish to our meats.

€   5 per ounce

handmade Russian salad

Side dish to our meats.

€   4 per ounce

Pumpkin soup, amaretti biscuits crumble and Gropparello extra virgin olive oil

€   12 

The Salmon “UPSTREAM” of the Farer Islands by Claudio Cerati

(salmon marinated with dried salt and sugar, smoked “cold” with beech wood from the Parma Apennines, without added preservatives, with crème fraîche from the house)

€   15


Tortelli with “tail” stuffed with cow’s milk ricotta, spinach, butter and sage

Said “turteil con la cuà”, typical of the Piacenza country

€   10

Pumpkin-filled tortelli, seasoned with Amaretti biscuits grains and butter

Fresh Tortelli with seasonal raw material

€   10

The Agnolotti alla Culatta and Parmesan cheese, culatta julienne, butter

€   10

I Duck-filled ravioli, cooking sauce and black truffle

(Fresh truffle according to availability. If not, a truffle preserved in extra virgin olive oil will be used)

€   12

The typical Pisarei and Fasò

Small gnocchi in tomato sauce with beans, lard and onion

€   9

Carrot Gnocchi in basil sauce

€   10

Anolini stuffed with Parmigiano Reggiano (aged 36 months)

typical of the Val d’Arda, served in the broth with the 3 meats (capon or hen, beef and pork rib)

€   10

Main Courses

The Guinea fowl bred on the ground, cooked in clay

historical dish of the local, conceived by grandmother Albertina in the 60s; not always available, given the particular cooking that takes a long time

€   12

The pork cheek with rosemary, shaded with the Monterosso Val d’Arda wine

€   12

Duck leg with caramelized plums and toasted almonds

€   12


Piedmont Fassona tartare

(with black olives, capers, anchovies, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper)

€   15

Lamb chops with aromatic herbs

€   15

Sliced ​​fillet of beef with rosemary

€   17

The main courses include the side dish of roast potatoes

Side dishes of cooked or raw vegetables (according to season)

€   4


Mixed cheese plate combined with jams

Caprini cheeses (Piacenza)

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (aged 36 months – Parma)

Sweet Gorgonzola cheese (Lodi)

€   9


Orange Bavarian cream, crunchy wafer and orange sauce

€   6

Cremona nougat semifreddo with melted dark chocolate

€   6

Trifle with Savoiardi soaked in alchermes liqueur, custard and cocoa cream

€   6

Homemade Ice Cream with Nougat and Hot Chocolate

€   6

Cold hazelnut cake from our Appenino and dark chocolate mousse

€   6

Warm eggnog with almond cake

€   6

Pistachio semifreddo with hot dark chocolate

€   6

Please note that in food and beverages administered in this exercise, ingredients or adjuvants may be considered allergens. Please report any allergies and / or intolerances to our dining room staff.

  • Cereals containing gluten (Spelled, Barley, Kamut, Rye, Wheat)
  • Celery based products
  • Shellfish products
  • Mustard
  • Fish-based products
  • Sesame
  • Nuts (walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts)
  • Sulfur dioxide and sulphites (<10mg / l)
  • Soy and derivatives
  • Lupini
  • Milk and derivatives
The icons that you will find in the menu printed in the restaurant clearly indicate if the dish is gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and lactose-free

For any information or need for clarification do not hesitate to contact us.